Financial planning begins with being honest about your financial position

Do you keep wondering why at the end of the month you are left with no money? Maybe it is time to think of financial planning. If you set your goals right, soon you will watch personal savings grow. Here are 5 steps to your new financial plan. Financial planning begins with calculating all your income and spending. Get a special notebook for this purpose or install an app on your smartphone. Keep it close to you because you will need it very often, maybe even more often than you think. Sometimes we make spontaneous purchases and don’t notice how much money we lose because of them. So your first task is to keep a record of every cent spent on snacks, newspapers or clothes. Then organise collected data by category. In a month you will easily notice which purchases you can exclude in order to make savings. Usually, it is a dinner out or an extra coffee you grabbed at work. Don’t forget to include in your budget a certain amount of money you may need in case of emergency. Also, financial planning begins with setting your goals. They can be short-term or long-term. For example, you want to go to Paris for two weeks. Find out the cost of the trip and decide how much you can lay aside every month. Of course, you may have many goals. Which of them are more important? It’s up to you to decide. But make sure you prioritise correctly. You can also use bank services or investment products to increase your savings. There is no unique strategy, so make sure you study the market well.


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