Time value of money explained in simple terms

This text has the time value of money explained in simple terms. So, what exactly is time value of money? The value of money decreases with time. This is due to the increase in the value of rare items. Hence, petrol prices ten years earlier would be much less than today. The same dollar which fetched much a year earlier would not bring the same today. Thus, saving money is not enough to keep up with changing times. You need to add value by increasing the value by investing it. If you Save money in 2017, it will not have same value next year. Only keeping the money at home means the money will depreciate, and keeping it in a saving account means the rate of interest just covers the inflation. The way to keep up with inflation is to invest with care. You should start with investing half the money in government bonds, 305 in mutual funds and the rest 20% in shares and scripts. This is time value of money explained. Any questions on the same can be posted via comments.


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